“Kalymnian Dreams”, a new climbing film

A new film about Kalymnos climbing, with the evocative name “Kalymnian Dreams”, was released by Blomu Production (a.k.a. Thomas Anquetil, the 16 year-old climber from Chamonix). It was filmed in the summer and fall of 2009, and it is a great addition to the few films made about Kalymnos (with an excellent soundtrack, too!).

Routes featured in the film are mostly in the 8c–9a range; some climbs are brand-new, some are unforgiving, and others are classic routes of Kalymnos, ‘the universal spot for the climbing planet’, as it is described in the film summary.

The climbers featured in ‘Kalymnian Dreams’ are:

Loukas Tourtouregas (One of the best Greek climbers and permanent Kalymnos resident)

Thomas Anquetil (French 16 year-old climber)

Alexander Megos (German-Greek 16 year-old climber)

Simon Montmory (French climbing guide and permanent Kalymnos resident)

Oscar Cacho Vila (Spanish climber)

Tiia Porri (Finnish climber, diving instructor and part-time Kalymnos resident)

Language: French and / or English with subtitles

Duration: 52 minutes

Release date: December 2009

Produced by: Blomu Production

source: www.climbkalymnos.com


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