Aφιέρωμα σ'ενα πολιτικό με GUTS!!!

Αίσθηση προκάλεσε στις 24 Φεβρουαρίου 2010, ένας Βρετανός ευρωβουλευτής, ο Νάιτζελ Φάρατζ (Nigel Farage), ηγέτης ενός μικρού κόμματος στην χώρα του (Κόμμα της Ανεξαρτησίας), όταν σε ομιλία του στην Ευρωβουλή, τα «έχωσε χοντρά» στον διορισμένο Βέλγο πρόεδρο της Ε.Ε. Χέρμαν Βαν Ρόμποϊ (Herman Van Rompuy), που οι περισσότεροι Ευρωπαίοι αγνοούν την ύπαρξή του και τις εξουσίες του.





In generations to come, children will be told a story. They'll be told that once upon a time Europe was divided. There was a big wall down the middle of it. And the people in the east were very poor and they had no democracy and they lived under an evil system called communism that killed millions of its own people.

"But joy of joys the wall came down and we finished up with 27 nations and those people lived in democracy and 500 million people lived in peace.

[Long period of sarcastic applause and yelling]

"But sadly... sadly... No, there is more, I promise you there's more..."

[Applause and disruption continues as Belgian MEP Guy Verhofstadt calls on Nigel Farage to sit down]

"That's the first time I ever received such applause - and I am tempted, Mr Verhofstadt, I am tempted to sit down, but if I may - sadly, the story continues. The politicians in charge became very greedy, and they wanted money for themselves and they wanted power, and so they resorted to lies and deceit, and they staged the most spectacular, bureaucratic coup d'etat that the world had ever seen.

[Disruptions do not cease until the very end of the speech]

"But they didn't need to use any bullets to do it, they were much cleverer, much more scheming than that. What they did is they put in place a new treaty - it was called the Lisbon treaty - and then they gave 27 people total, unlimited power. These were to be the people that made all the laws. Of course they already had a flag, and they already had an anthem, but they went about building a new state - but they ignored the people, and what they did, whether they knew it or not, is they recreated the very evil system that the people of Eastern Europe had lived under before.

"But the incredible thing was that many of the new bosses had also worked for that same evil system before. Well, of course, the plan was flawed and their fanciful monetary scheme collapsed, but still the new bosses wouldn't listen to the people. No, they made life tougher and tougher, they put tens of millions into poverty; they denied people a say and in the end, those people had to resort to violence to get back their nation states and their democracy. And the moral of the story is that they had learnt nothing from history.

"Members of the European Parliament, before you give this commission power, remember that 60 years ago an iron curtain came down on Europe, but now, with this commission there is an economic iron fist and it's being felt in Greece today, we cannot build a new country...

[Microphone is switched off due to lapse of time, amid more shouting and yelling from parliamentarians favouring the system]



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